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Are you interested in learning new skills that could help you get a good job, start a new career, or receive free job training worth hundreds of dollars?

SNAP Employment and Training (E&T)

 SNAP Employment and Training (SNAP E&T) can help SNAP participants gain workforce skills training and other career and technical training to increase their ability to obtain regular employment that leads to economic self-sufficiency.


The DWD will expand the SNAP Employment and Training (E&T) program to include a third-party reimbursement model (Skills2Work). This model allows the MDHS to leverage federal funds that can help the state scale career and technical education programs and workforce skills training so they are more accessible to low-income families.

Are you interested in obtaining a rewarding job right here in Mississippi? Skills2Work can help you!

Did you know receiving SNAP benefits may help you improve your chances of securing a rewarding job? As a SNAP recipient, you can access skill-building education and training programs to help you earn credentials employers are seeking. You can even earn stackable credentials that lead to a career earning a self-sustaining wage!

The Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS), Division of Workforce Development (DWD), is partnering with state agencies and community-based organizations (CBOs) across the State to provide employer-driven, career-technical education, workforce skills training, and wrap-around services to help eligible SNAP recipients be successful in today’s job market. Career navigators are available to help with those unexpected twists and turns that block the road to success.

You may qualify for Skills2Work if you are a SNAP-only recipient and you are:

  • Between the ages of 18-59
  • Required to register for work as a condition of SNAP eligibility or a recipient of Unemployment Insurance (UI)
  • Enrolled or accepted for enrollment in a career/technical program of study or workforce skills training program at a participating Skills2Work provider.
  • Hinds Community College (HCC) – (HCC) to test the third-party model in Copiah, Claiborne, Yazoo, Rankin, Hinds, and Warren counties. The HCC will provide career and technical training, workforce skills training and case management and navigation services while HCC’s partners, Working Together Jackson and Voice of Calvary Ministries, will provide wraparound services

Contact your local MDHS office to see if Skills2Work is available in your area. Find a county office.

If Skills2Work is available in your county and you are enrolled in a qualifying activity at a participating provider, you can submit a completed SNAP E&T Skills2Work Application, MDHS-EA-504, to your local MDHS county office for processing.

SNAP E&T Application

If a Skills2Work partner agency determines that you may be eligible for the Skills2Work program, a referral may be made on your behalf to the local MDHS county office. In this situation, you will be contacted by an MDHS caseworker who will discuss the Skills2Work program and give you the opportunity to enroll.

If determined eligible, you must be assessed by an MDHS caseworker and a referral will be made to the Skills2Work provider.

Mindful of the fact that Mississippi has one of the lowest labor force participation rates and that over the next decade, two-thirds of all jobs created will require some form of postsecondary education and technical proficiency, and that only 30% of the state’s workforce has the necessary skills to fill these in-demand jobs, the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Work Program (TWP) and the SNAP E&T program will be very valuable resources in helping Mississippi address its workforce needs.

Since SNAP E&T Program grants (100% funds) are limited, but Fifty Percent Reimbursement Grants (50/50 or Third-Party Partnerships) can be unlimited. The DWD will expand the SNAP E&T program to include a third-party reimbursement model. This model allows the MDHS to leverage federal funds that can help the state scale career and technical education programs and workforce skills training so they are more accessible to low-income families.

MDHS welcomes your agency to become a Skills2Work partner in providing allowable sector strategy career and technical training, workforce skills training or supportive service components for SNAP E&T recipients that qualify for Skills2Work. Please see our Skills2Work flyer, provider handbook, and the SNAP E&T toolkit for more information on how to receive a reimbursement of up to 40% of the allowable total program cost.


What is Job Displacement?

Job displacement occurs when an employer (1) removes an employee from a position or (2) removes a position that is currently being held by an employee.

How may Job Displacement affect a Community Service or Alternate Work Experience Program activity in the TANF Work Program?

As described in Mississippi Code of 1972 Annotated at 43-17-5(6)(g), No adult in a work activity required under this subsection (6) shall be employed or assigned (i) when any other individual is on layoff from the same or any substantially equivalent job within six (6) months before the date of the TANF recipient’s employment or assignment; or (ii) if the employer has terminated the employment of any regular employee or otherwise caused an involuntary reduction of its workforce in order to fill the vacancy so created with an adult receiving TANF assistance.

How do I report potential Job Displacement?

If you feel that you have experienced Job Displacement or know of someone else who may have experience Job Displacement, please email

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